UNO Student Walkout

When: Wednesday, September 1, at 10:00 am.
Where:  Meet in the quad instead of going to class.

Print out and distribute the most up to date flyer.

While bankers and CEO’s make off with huge sacks of cash in bailouts and undeserved bonuses, and the War in Afghanistan pushes 9 years, we’re told by bewildered-looking politicians that they’ve done all they can for higher-education. What they really mean to say is obvious: that private interests have taken precedence over our lives.

This is hardly news.

The only difference now is that the government and the corporations’ li…es are too blatant for us to ignore anymore. We’re now told we must pay 10% more for a school experiencing manifold worse conditions, after tuition-hikes have already been imposed for several years in a row now. We’re told we have to do this to be successful, although it’s highly uncertain whether our imploding economy will have any work to offer a student with a degree. Meanwhile we’re expected to go deeper into debt to fund our education , while a debt-based economy is what caused this crisis. Their hostilities go on…

By striking we wish to inject direct student control into these issues and more. If the administration won’t represent us than we will represent ourselves. On Wednesday September 1st, instead of going to class for the rest of the day, come to the quad and protest program cuts, fired faculty, tuition hikes and increased fees, and disrupt, “business as usual”.


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