“Chop From The Top” music video

Chop from the top, don’t cut our education! Strike tomorrow at 10am! Go to the quad instead of class!

Good job to whoever made this flier! We all need to speak out, so make your own signs and hang them up around campus.


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4 Responses to “Chop From The Top” music video

  1. Andrew says:

    I recently ran into someone posting flyers about UNO’s strike. I wanted to drop this tad bit info. to yall. Fredrick “Rick” Barton; salary $224,064; teaches maybe one class a semestar!!!! http://english.uno.edu/faculty/barton.cfm ; http://blog.nola.com/graphics/2008/02/salary_details.html ;

    Here are two sites for you to look at. He is getting paid three times higher then anyone in the EES department and he doesn’t even have a PhD and hardly teaches classes. He mostly just writes books with UNO does not recieve any money for but we are paying him $224,000?? Don’t make since to me. Maybe you could bring this to everyones attention!

  2. Kenneth says:

    Government doesn’t work when people figure out they can vote themselves money! This school is run like the government, the people in charge don’t have any incentive to care about the state of the school because it is not run like a business. Their jobs are not in danger as long as they don’t do anything too completely terrible. I am from out of state and UNO is just awful in every way I can think of compared to the school I came from (University of Oklahoma), it is even more expensive for residents than my old school.

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