Media Round-Up

While the media generally reported the statements of the police as fact and the statements of students, when reported at all, were treated as an afterthought or hearsay, we figured people may want to see how far their actions reverberated across our state on Wednesday. Be proud, those in power definitely heard us, all the way from our campus tucked away at the lakefront. Organize with your friends and make more actions like this happen, and those in power will know that we are serious, we are angry, and we demand a response.

New Orleans Indymedia Center //NOLA IMC Follow-Up // Tulane Hulaballoo // #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 // WWL-TV #1, 2, 3 // Fox 8 // ABC 26 // WTUL // WWL radio // // WDSU #1, 2 // Lafayette: KLFY, KATC (2), KPLC, Advertiser // Baton Rouge: WAFB, The Advocate, WVLA, WBRZ (2, 3), LSU Reveille (1)// WXVT (MS) // Hattiesburg // Monroe #1, 2, 3 // Lake Charles: KPLC // Shreveport Times // Columbia, SC // Westport, CT // HuffingtonPost // AP images


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2 Responses to Media Round-Up

  1. Boon says:

    great shit, now let’s do something with this!

  2. kathey stephenson says:

    awsome. we know they heard us. when and where. we’ll be there

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