Post-Presentation Update

Thanks to all who came out to the presentation. If you missed it, it is available for you to browse here (with lots of good video links). Check here in a couple days for lots of plans to keep the movement going. We got great ideas at the event!

Arrests Update: Any movement that hopes to succeed must support those who face punishment for participating in it. Please print out and circulate this petition to end all punishments against the 2 wrongfully arrested students. We will gather them and deliver them in the future.
Also, call Amy King at 504-280-7284 and Joe King at 504-280-6563 and ask them to stop punishing students for trying to save UNO. This is very important.

There is also a benefit show for legal expenses on Saturday.

If you think it was good that the budget cuts were in the news and that people are talking about what is happening to us, the only way people will be willing to make that keep happening is if we have each other’s backs. We’ve heard the first court date is October 14th. Let’s pack the court with nicely dressed supporters, it makes a huge difference in court! More details to come soon.


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4 Responses to Post-Presentation Update

  1. occupyla says:

    John V. Lombardi: 225-578-2111 &
    Do we even need to give you a reason? Maybe you could ask for some of that $600,000 back so we can have a couple more teachers!

  2. LA = at the bottom, again. says:

    Louisiana is One Of The States With The Lowest Percentage Of College Degree Holders. Thanks goes out to everyone who could make this dream possible! /sarcasm

  3. LA = at the bottom, again. says:

    LA gets honorable mention:
    “Public colleges in Florida, Louisiana, and Nevada are canceling hundreds of classes for lack of state funding. California has simply shut the door on hundreds of thousands of its high school graduates and workers hoping for new skills.
    College officials in troubled states such as Louisiana are girding for further cuts that will be “difficult, painful, and destructive,” John Lombardi, president of the Louisiana State University System, warned recently. Students have no choice but to pack into the crowded courses that remain, where overloaded instructors are replacing essay assignments with easier-to-grade (but less educationally rigorous) multiple-choice tests.”

  4. Spotter says:

    Budget Cuts lead to re-landscaping at UNO Library. Make much sense?

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