New Posters and Updates

We will be posting an article soon about the lunch counter sit-in movement in New Orleans and the parallels our movement has with it. Update: Here is the article: Sitting In, Standing Up, and Fighting the Cuts at UNO. Please distribute it widely via printing it out, emailing it, and posting it to Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!


$600,000 a year to destroy UNO


-Here are 3 new awesome posters to put up around campus:
Outside Agitator
Be Young and Shut Up
You Should Be Worried

-Have something to say about budget cuts or Lombardi’s $600,000 a year salary? Here are instructions for how to drop a banner.

-SUNO is having a forum on higher education on October 2nd from 11am-1pm at the SUNO gym. It would be great for UNO students to attend. Print out some of the pamphlets and information we have and hand out a few over there to show them what we’ve been doing, and to help us connect with more SUNO students. Their budget cuts are just as bad as ours, and since the way to get them to end is to stop them on the state level, it is going to take students standing up against them at every campus in the state.

-Save UNO is having a block party and rally on October 6th:


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2 Responses to New Posters and Updates

  1. we deserve better says:

    an excellent short video about our failing education system in the U.S.:

  2. we deserve better says:

    chancellor search has begun!
    nominate your friends, donald duck, or whoever you think would reflect the ridiculousness of this process!
    link to article:

    full article (w/ website and email contact info for nominations):
    “The process that will lead to the selection of a new chancellor for the University of New Orleans began Monday when LSU System President John Lombardi issued a call for nominations to the search committee.

    UNO students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as members of the general public, have been asked to submit nominations by Oct. 6 to Comments about the search can be sent there, too, system spokesman Charles Zewe said.

    Searches “tend to go on for about a year,” he said.
    Lombardi has said he hopes a successor to Tim Ryan will be picked by the end of the spring semester.
    On Sept. 16 Lombardi fired Ryan, who had been UNO’s chancellor for nearly seven years.
    The search committee probably will have 15 to 20 members, Zewe said, and they probably will consider about two dozen candidates, including people who will apply for the job and those who are found by a national search consultant.

    “We’re trying to get this under way as soon as possible,” Zewe said.
    Updates on the selection process will be posted on

    In a prepared statement, Lombardi said the next chancellor should be not only an accomplished scholar but also someone who can excel in a realm with a “lively competition” for available resources.
    Whoever is picked to lead UNO will take over a school whose leaders have been told to prepare for a cut in state money as deep as 32 percent in the fiscal year starting July 1. The reason: There will be no more federal stimulus money.
    Since January 2009, the school has lost about $14.5 million.
    This fall, UNO has 11,288 undergraduate and graduate students, about 35 percent below its enrollment in 2004-05, the academic year before Hurricane Katrina hit.

    . . . . . . .
    John Pope can be reached at or 504.826.3317. “

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