State Police Intimidate Students as Mid-Year Cuts Passed

Bobby Jindal’s State Police pounded on people’s doors in New Orleans in the past few days to “ask questions” about plans for the rally at the State Capitol on Nov. 10th because they supposedly “heard” there were plans for disruptive action to take place. They also informed the media that they will have a heavy police presence at the rally.

These actions are a blatant and pathetic attempt by Gov. Jindal to intimidate students who are standing up to this fiscal attack on our future. Why does Louisiana have it’s own version of the KGB banging on people’s doors to harass and intimidate them for political protest? Is Jindal really so terrified of students organizing against budget cuts that are ruining our universities that he’ll employ the same tactics used by authoritarian regimes?

The La. State Police’s over-reaction to a permitted, public rally borders on the absurd. Is it possible that Chief Tom “Hyperbole” Harrington has been telling more tall tales? It sure seems to stink of his typical exaggeration and lying….

(This absurd article about the “threat” of asking how much a bond costs shows how ridiculous this is. And don’t miss the cop’s hilarious quote: “We received information they’ve actually made phone calls that said, ‘What type of bond is set if a police officer is struck?’ Those are silly things.” Did they tap people’s phones? And, “silly things“? uh… WTF is this guy even talking about?)

Mid-Year Cuts Announced: Jindal announced $34.7 million in new cuts recently. Here is a brief Media Round-Up:
Health care and higher education are focus of budget cuts outlined by Gov. Bobby Jindal
Deep cuts could set LSU back decades: A guest column by James Carville and Henson Moore
Gov. Bobby Jindal outlines $107 million in state budget cuts
College student puts Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on the spot over budget cuts: Stephanie Grace
Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration making cuts without making changes: John Maginnis
LSU Board signs off on $21.2 million mid-year budget cut
LSU budget cuts not as deep at research centers
UNO Driftwood coverage



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