Video: Provost King at the City Council

The momentum continues to build across the state to stop the budget cuts.

The N.O. City Council sent a resolution to the state government asking to stop the cuts to UNO! Joe King, and some of us, spoke to the council about UNO (video). Joe King and other administrators at UNO are only focused on maintaining research programs, and on the few majors that are considered “programs of distinction.”  They are focused on these because they are what makes UNO the most money.

But we are focused on saving all academic programs, because we want a better, more educated society to live in in the future.  The idea that you can run a university like a business is not a model for success:  Without strong, varied undergrad programs, you won’t have the academics necessary to sustain the strong Urban Research programs Dr. King and Councilwoman Clarkson were talking about in the video!

Why is our administration so incompetent and unwilling to help stop the cuts?  At NSU, ULL, LSU, etc… administrators are helping students and faculty organize against the cuts.  We wish that were the case at UNO!  Instead, we get administrators content with allowing education programs to whither and expanding the money-making programs, above all mostly concerned about saving their own jobs and not necessarily UNO.  This idea is a dangerous, short term solution to budget problems, and will only hurt the university in the long-term.

It looks like it’s going to be up to UNO students alone, pushing through the red tape, the empty promises, and the lack of support by administrators for organizing at UNO.  But we can do it!  Come to Baton Rouge on Nov. 10th for a massive protest to save higher education across the state from cuts, and to demand control of our university by those who use it, so that these cuts can never happen again, and to stop the corporatization of our universities!

Get involved, get active, and fight back!


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The September 1st UNO Walkout: Responses to criticism & an invitation to dialogue.

What follows is intended to promote discussion and debate about tactics among all who wish to defeat the UNO budget cuts.  The author is not advocating violence or illegality.

I believe in supporting those with whom I have a common struggle.  This is an open letter to those who advocate fighting the budget cuts but criticize the student actions on September 1st, the day of the walkout.  Most of the critiques I’m responding to aren’t from a particular person or organization, but just complants I and other people I’ve talked with have heard around town and in the university community.  They were critiques that deserved a response.

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Media Round-Up #2: the movement is growing!

The past few days have seen protests at UNO, LSU, ULL, and at other campuses throughout the state. Here is some of the coverage. If you see coverage that we do not have linked, please add a link to it as a comment. Let’s keep building and stop these cuts! Nov. 10th: statewide march in Baton Rouge.

LSU Jazz Funeral:WAFB, Chronicle of Higher Ed., The Advocate (#2) (photos), U. of S. California, Tiger Weekly, ABC 26, WBRZ, WGMB, WVLA,, USA Today, KPLC
UNO Block Party & Oct. 7th: LSU Reveille, ABC 26, Times-Picayune, Clancy DuBos, Banners Cover New Orleans,
ULL Rally: KLFY, KLFY #2, WVLA, KATC, KADN, The Advertiser (#2), photos
Nicholls State: Fox8, WWL


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Oct. 7th National Day of Action!

UNO students and a group of community supporters of UNO hung banners across New Orleans today to denounce the attack on higher education in Louisiana.

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Updated “Strike against the cuts” pamphlet

We updated our award-winning (ha!) Strike Against The Cuts pamphlets to reflect the new Lombardian reality on campus…
Print some out and distribute them, please.


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New Posters and Updates

We will be posting an article soon about the lunch counter sit-in movement in New Orleans and the parallels our movement has with it. Update: Here is the article: Sitting In, Standing Up, and Fighting the Cuts at UNO. Please distribute it widely via printing it out, emailing it, and posting it to Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!


$600,000 a year to destroy UNO


-Here are 3 new awesome posters to put up around campus:
Outside Agitator
Be Young and Shut Up
You Should Be Worried

-Have something to say about budget cuts or Lombardi’s $600,000 a year salary? Here are instructions for how to drop a banner.

-SUNO is having a forum on higher education on October 2nd from 11am-1pm at the SUNO gym. It would be great for UNO students to attend. Print out some of the pamphlets and information we have and hand out a few over there to show them what we’ve been doing, and to help us connect with more SUNO students. Their budget cuts are just as bad as ours, and since the way to get them to end is to stop them on the state level, it is going to take students standing up against them at every campus in the state.

-Save UNO is having a block party and rally on October 6th:


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Post-Presentation Update

Thanks to all who came out to the presentation. If you missed it, it is available for you to browse here (with lots of good video links). Check here in a couple days for lots of plans to keep the movement going. We got great ideas at the event!

Arrests Update: Any movement that hopes to succeed must support those who face punishment for participating in it. Please print out and circulate this petition to end all punishments against the 2 wrongfully arrested students. We will gather them and deliver them in the future.
Also, call Amy King at 504-280-7284 and Joe King at 504-280-6563 and ask them to stop punishing students for trying to save UNO. This is very important.

There is also a benefit show for legal expenses on Saturday.

If you think it was good that the budget cuts were in the news and that people are talking about what is happening to us, the only way people will be willing to make that keep happening is if we have each other’s backs. We’ve heard the first court date is October 14th. Let’s pack the court with nicely dressed supporters, it makes a huge difference in court! More details to come soon.


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